Chaos Intellect and Time and Chaos 10 updates released

We hope your 2018 is off to a great start! We are starting our 2018 at Chaos Software by releasing new updates to both Chaos Intellect 10 and Time & Chaos 10, available now.

Chaos Intellect and Time & Chaos were released this past week. If you are already a registered user of version 10, you can install the update for free by going to Help, then Check for Newer Version or you can download it directly from our web site at

If you haven’t upgraded to version 10 from an older version yet, I want to remind you that we still offer an Upgrading User discount so it isn’t too late to make the move. If you click the Purchase link on our web site, choosing Upgrading User will let you put in your old registration information from Time & Chaos 6 or 7 or 8 or Chaos Intellect 3 or 4 to qualify for discounted pricing. (You can usually find your previous registration info in your old version by going to Help, then About.)

Version 10 also allows subscribers to our cloud service to sync securely between your PC and our servers to share your contacts and calendar and tasks with your iPhone or Android devices or work online in a web browser when you are away from your main computer. If you haven’t tried our service yet, you can sign up for a free trial at with monthly or annual subscription options available after your trial ends.

Finally, if you are an iPhone user, I also want to point out that our ChaosTasks and ChaosBilling apps for iPhone were both updated late last year, too. These apps can be found in Apple’s App Store on your device and can be used with our cloud service or our Desktop Sync program for your PC. Of the two sources, however, using has the advantage of also being able to sync with your iPhone’s Contacts and Calendar programs.

[The Android user on our team wants me to point out that Android users have Chaos Tasks and Chaos Billing but also Chaos Contacts and Chaos Calendar, all of which work with and Desktop Sync as well.]

We certainly appreciate your support and loyalty and hope you enjoy the updated versions!

ChaosBilling for iPhone

ChaosBilling iconIf you have an iPhone and use Legal Billing with, we have a new app available to view and edit billing data on your iPhone called ChaosBilling.

ChaosBilling will let you enter contacts and their linked hourly billing timeslips, expenses and payments AND can sync with to send these new records back to your Windows computer where Legal Billing resides.

At the moment, this app is only available through Test Flight, Apple’s testing platform, so you’ll need to contact our support department with your Apple ID to be invited to use it.

We plan to have it available in the App Store soon without needing the invitation to Test Flight after some braver users have done some testing with it.

[If you use Android, you have not been left out! We have had Chaos Billing for Android available for quite a while now. This new app finally lets iPhone users work with something similar to what you already have.]

Here are some screen shots to show what it currently looks like on an iPhone:

main screen of chaosbilling iphonebilling history screen iphone

billing entry screen iphone


Synchronizing with after our recent security upgrades

We update our servers regularly to keep them secure, but there are updates and then there are updates, if you know what I mean.

As part of our most recent round of changes and security updates for our cloud service and web site at, some old security protocols and ciphers that are no longer considered secure have been disabled. I think this is a good thing, because you have an expectation of good security, after all, when you enable SSL.

Unfortunately, this also means that many of our older versions of our Windows programs won’t be able to sync any longer with ChaosHost when you have the SSL option enabled in the sync settings, as they lack the newer security that is required (and that our current versions can offer). Affected programs would include Time & Chaos 5, 6, 7 and 8, Intellect 3 and 4, and Legal Billing 7.

While many of our users have moved to our current versions and are unaffected, we realize there are still users who haven’t yet updated.

If you have one of these affected programs, you could disable SSL and still sync, but that would obviously not be recommended given the lack of security that would offer your data in transit.

If you choose to install a newer version, you can always find our current releases by going to then clicking Products and Downloads at the top.

Does the newer version cost anything?

The upgrade to the current version of one of our products would be free if you made your purchase of the prior version within the last two years. Otherwise, we’d ask you to purchase a discounted new license as an upgrading user on our web site. When you go to the Purchase link at the top of , you’ll find Upgrading User is one of the options there, where you can enter your prior registration information to qualify.

Anything special to keep in mind about changing versions?

If you were previously using Time & Chaos 8, Intellect 4 or Legal Billing 7, there should not be much more to getting the synchronize process working again than installing and using version 10 instead.

If you were previously using Time & Chaos 5, 6, or 7 or Intellect 3, the move to version 10 will be more involved as the modern versions do use different data files than the old version used. If you’ve never run a newer version before now, the update to your data files will happen automatically when you install the newer version.

However, given how much time has passed, it seems likely that someone has previously installed a newer version at some point before you decided to go back to what was more familiar. If that was the case, when you install and run the newer version, you may see older data from that earlier false step rather than the current data you expect.

If you don’t see the current data in the newer version once it is installed, you can ask our support department for assistance so they can tell you what you can do to force a fresh transfer of data from the old databases to the new ones.

You also need to update the software for everyone who was using Time & Chaos 5, 6 or 7 or Intellect 3. Since the older versions used different data files, you can’t leave anyone on the team behind once you’ve made the move to our current software.

Tips, Tricks and Secrets #11: Sent Messages can be Saved Messages

We have been sharing some of our favorite tips, tricks and secrets using our software products. If you look in the tags on the sidebar, “tips” is a great way to see the other posts in this series. This tip is another that features our Intellect email client.

Tip #11: Sent Messages can be Saved Messages

I have a lot of sent mail every month and it can build up quickly in the sent folder in Intellect over time. The more messages in a folder, the slower it is to load and the harder it can be to look through to find something.

What many Intellect users don’t realize is that messages in the Sent Folder can be moved to folders you make in Saved Messages just like incoming mail can.

sent messages can be saved in saved messages

In my Saved Messages folder, I’ve right-clicked and made a new folder I called Archive – Sent. I’ve then made folders for the year and then subfolders for the month. I can go to Sent and highlight messages by date, then drag them to the appropriate folder in Saved.

While this took a bit of time the first time I did it, I’ve made it a monthly task that I do the first week of each new month, to move the prior month’s sent mail to its new home in my Saved Messages folder.


Version 10 has been released!

We have released updates for Legal Billing, Chaos Intellect and Time & Chaos to bring all of them to version 10!

Why did we choose to skip numbers? 

First, we wanted to make more clear which versions worked with what. We have users with a mix of Time & Chaos and Intellect in their offices and we have Legal Billing users who want to add contact management software too.  It gets really complicated to explain that Intellect 4 is compatible with Time & Chaos 8 which is compatible with Legal Billing 7.  Now, if all are version 10,  you know they get along!

Second, with Windows 10 becoming ubiquitous, it doesn’t hurt to imply our software is up-to-date and works with Windows 10, which is true.

Does this mess with my data files?

We always recommend backing up your data! We’ve built this capability in on the file menu and it is there for your protection.

Having said that, this update does not require any conversion of your existing data files from Legal Billing 7, Time & Chaos 8 or Intellect 4. Instead it installs just as a normal update would and continues to use the same data you already have.

(If you are coming from a much older generation of our software, it will need to copy and convert files, just as it would have needed to do if you were upgrading to the older LB 7, T&C 8, or Intellect 4 versions that the 10 versions are replacing.)

How do I update?

Just go to Help in your current version and use the Check for newer version to find the update. That will help you download and install it.  You could also download it directly from our web site’s Products and Downloads page, if you like.

In addition to the main program, if you use Intellect or Time & Chaos, many of the add-on accessories have been updated, too, including Google Sync, Outlook Sync and Desktop Sync. These updates can be found on our Products and Downloads page as well.