ChaosBilling for iPhone

ChaosBilling iconIf you have an iPhone and use Legal Billing with, we have a new app available to view and edit billing data on your iPhone called ChaosBilling.

ChaosBilling will let you enter contacts and their linked hourly billing timeslips, expenses and payments AND can sync with to send these new records back to your Windows computer where Legal Billing resides.

At the moment, this app is only available through Test Flight, Apple’s testing platform, so you’ll need to contact our support department with your Apple ID to be invited to use it.

We plan to have it available in the App Store soon without needing the invitation to Test Flight after some braver users have done some testing with it.

[If you use Android, you have not been left out! We have had Chaos Billing for Android available for quite a while now. This new app finally lets iPhone users work with something similar to what you already have.]

Here are some screen shots to show what it currently looks like on an iPhone:

main screen of chaosbilling iphonebilling history screen iphone

billing entry screen iphone


Version 10 is coming!

New versions of Intellect, Time & Chaos and Legal Billing are all coming very soon! We are unifying the version numbers to more clearly identify what works with what, so all three of these apps will be jumping up to version number 10.

If you want a taste, check out the Intellect 101: An introduction to Intellect (updated for Intellect 10).

You can also download one of the release candidates from our Chaos Labs to get an early start.

These new versions work with the databases from Intellect 4, Time & Chaos 8 and Legal Billing 7 so no data conversion will be necessary when making the switch.



Chaos Labs is alive again (hint: Android and iPhone)

Our Labs page on is alive again with our newest experiments.  Being in “Labs” is a way of saying these new products are still in the testing and consideration phase!  They still may need more work before release, but those so inclined have an opportunity to use pre-release betas to help us test them out.

If you want to take a peek at what we’ve been working on, visit .

(If you have an Android or iPhone, you’ll want to take a look!)

Are you coming to my meeting?

The next update to Intellect 4 is coming soon and some of the updates are focused on adding a few new features to the Appointments data.  In particular, we are currently testing meeting confirmations that Intellect users can send to anyone with an email address.

How might this work?

First, you will need two things: Intellect 4 and a ChaosHost account.

Next, using Intellect 4, right click on an appointment and choose “Send to …” and select “E-Mail Recipient”.  Send it to any email address and you’re done!

The E-Mail recipient option isn’t new: Intellect 4 has always offered this as a way to notify others of an appointment they might be interested in. A vCal attachment for the appointment is always attached as well, so the recipient can easily add it to their calendar, even if they don’t also use Intellect.

What is new, however, is a way to track their response. The email includes two nice, new, big buttons for the recipient to Accept or Decline your invite. When they click one of these buttons, their response will be saved through your account and will update the appointment with their confirmation.

Sound useful to you?  We are looking for a few users that want a head start using this new feature, who are willing to send out some invitations and help us get any rough edges smoothed out before the official release. Send an email to our support team and we’ll forward you the details on downloading the latest beta.