ChaosBilling for iPhone

ChaosBilling iconIf you have an iPhone and use Legal Billing with, we have a new app available to view and edit billing data on your iPhone called ChaosBilling.

ChaosBilling will let you enter contacts and their linked hourly billing timeslips, expenses and payments AND can sync with to send these new records back to your Windows computer where Legal Billing resides.

At the moment, this app is only available through Test Flight, Apple’s testing platform, so you’ll need to contact our support department with your Apple ID to be invited to use it.

We plan to have it available in the App Store soon without needing the invitation to Test Flight after some braver users have done some testing with it.

[If you use Android, you have not been left out! We have had Chaos Billing for Android available for quite a while now. This new app finally lets iPhone users work with something similar to what you already have.]

Here are some screen shots to show what it currently looks like on an iPhone:

main screen of chaosbilling iphonebilling history screen iphone

billing entry screen iphone


ChaosTasks for iPhone

Now available for iPhone and iPod Touch users is our new ChaosTasks for iPhone.  This app syncs with to bring the todo list from Intellect 4 or Time & Chaos 8 to your device. It is also free for our ChaosHost subscribers!

If you have an iPhone and a account, we would appreciate you taking the time to download it and try it out.

If you can help us by leaving a good review on the App store, we would appreciate it, as it helps us encourage newbies to check us out. (If in the unfortunate event you find something bad to say, please let our tech support department know so we can do our best to help you out rather than leaving a bad review on our ‘permanent record’.)

Check out more details and find the download link at .