Lessons Learned!

What is most important to you when using software like ours?

This isn’t a trick question. The answer is YOUR DATA, right?

Your data is your life line. It keeps you up-to-date on Birthdays, Anniversaries (better remember), contacts and your business meetings and appointments. If something happens to that computer, the hard drive fails, or the computer just quits (and at some point it this happens to all of us!), without a backup, our tech support department will be very sympathetic, but unable to offer any assistance.

Backups are easy and quick to make. With a backup, your data is SAFE! It’s a basic insurance policy against all the things that can and will go wrong and it costs you nothing but a little effort.

All of our software programs provide a back up option posted under the FILE ORB or File menu at the top left of the screen. Use this option and your data is safe either on your hard drive or an external drive since you can use a flash drive or memory stick you can store separate from the computer so you know the removable drive will not be affected if the pc goes south. Losing thousands of entries in your software is a punch in the gut and you never want to be in a position where you would have to retype all of that data manually.

It is worth mentioning that our Chaos Data Hosting is a great add-on option in addition to backing up, because, a copy of your data will reside off-site from your, on our servers. ChaosHost.com also gives you an online version of our software to use if you are without a computer for a while due to repairs or replacements.

Please take advantage of the backup options we have in our software and protect your life line, so you don’t have learn this the hard way and have a no-good, horrible, bad day!