A New ChaosHost Experience

As many of our regular users have already seen, www.ChaosHost.com has been significantly updated over the last couple of weeks.  Many of these changes guide ChaosHost toward an interface similar to the local installations of our latest releases of Time & screenshot-classicChaos or Intellect.

One of the most requested recent changes is the ability to scroll through your longer lists of Contacts, Appointments, and other data with more than just the scroll bar.  Our new look has also enabled your mouse scroll wheel to roll up and down the list.  In addition, once you have clicked on a row, you can use your keyboard arrow keys to quickly move up and down these lists as well.

Here are some of the more significant updates to ChaosHost.com:

  • iPad users will no longer be sent to the mobile interface automatically and will instead be greeted with the full ChaosHost.com interface which now works great through a desktop or tablet based browser.
  • The Name column has been added to the Contact views.  What appears in this name column (e.g. Last Name, First Name, Company) can be modified by clicking on Options and setting the Name Style preference.
  • All record entry and edit screens have been revamped with tablet friendly features including a proper Group edit field, improved date pickers, and updated sliders and spinners.
  • For users with a larger set of Contacts, you can now choose a default Group filter.  Under Options, you can set a default Group for Contacts specifically.  Once set, when you log in to www.chaoshost.com,the Contact area will be automatically filtered to only show that specific Group.

There are still more changes planned for the near future, so keep checking back here on the blog for updates!