Checking out Alternatives to Legal Billing

I occasionally like to compare our Legal Billing software with other, similar products available.  For the last couple of days I’ve been testing out a specific close competitor to Legal Billing.  Wow, I am shocked. Maybe I picked the wrong to one compare but this one is nerve racking.  It caused my to slam down my mouse more than once.  I am not techie or developer but if a program is not simple to work with I can’t spend money on it.

Legal Billing v7 is by far easier, faster and does what I need it to do. This other one I had to read each level, click here nothing happens, clients don’t show up, too many buttons, confusing.  I am done with that one.  If you want 100 buttons on your program great.  I don’t, I want it to work simple and straight forward.  I feel our Legal Billing software eliminates all of the confusion.  It cuts out things I really would never use.  I can get straight to important billing records I need to track.

(FYI: Cost for our nearest competitor is $300.00 per user with only 1 year of free tech support. Legal Billing 7 is $39.95 per user with no charge for tech support.)

It is your choice but I love my Legal Billing.


One thought to “Checking out Alternatives to Legal Billing”

  1. After using other legal billing software – this is by far the easiest to use. It’s simple interface is easy to navigate even for the novice user.

    Having used other legal billing software where one needs hours to become minimally proficient in it’s use – this program is great!

    Moreover, this works great in conjunction with Intellect.

    I just don’t know how it can get any simpler or better than this.

    It may not be the ticket for a large firm – but it’s great for small firms or sole practitioners.

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