Tips, Tricks and Secrets: #3 Launch Multiple Instances

As Chaos Software celebrates our 21st birthday, we are posting 21 tips, tricks and secrets to getting the most out of our software.

Tip #3: Launch Multiple Instances

This tip isn’t for everyone. Most people only have one set of data and have no need to open it twice.  Even for people with more than one data folder, you can drive yourself crazy keeping up with two or three instances of the program going on all at the same time.

If you need it though, you’re already being driven crazy by the demands of the job, so being able to have two or more copies of Intellect or Time & Chaos going at once is much better than the normal toggling back and forth you would otherwise do.

So, what’s the trick?  Shift-Click!  Instead of the mouse-only click that starts the first instance of the program, hold down the shift key with the other hand when you click on the icon to start up the program.  Instead of switching you to the already running instance, it will start a new one which you can use to reopen a different database and have both going at the same time!