Tips, Tricks and Secrets: #4 Quick Find with And/Or

As Chaos Software celebrates our 21st birthday this year, we are posting a series of 21 tips, tricks and secrets to maximize your use of our software products.

Tip #4: Quick Find with And/Or

At the top right corner of Intellect 4 and Time & Chaos 8, Quick Find is always ready to dig through your data to find a phrase anywhere you’ve entered it. Best of all, unlike our report screen that only scans one type of data at a time, Quick Find scans all of the databases in your data folder for hits.quickfind

Most of the time, looking up a simple phrase will do, but sometimes you want a more advanced lookup.

For “AND” searches where you want hits to match two or more phrases, just include an ampersand “&” character in the quick find box.

For “OR” searches where you want hits to match one phrase or another, just include a comma “,” between the phrases.

For best results, skip the spaces. So if you are looking for contacts named Bill or Bob, don’t enter “Bill, Bob” but instead use “Bill,Bob” with no space after the comma.