Tips, Tricks and Secrets #5: The quickest way to add Notes

Every record in Time & Chaos and Intellect has a Notes area for you to record information that doesn’t fit in traditional fields.  What might not be obvious, though, is that each of these programs has a quick way to go directly to the Notes to add more information.

First, go to our classic section and look at the column headings in each area of the screen.  (Unless you’ve removed it, *) each section will have an “N” column before the other fields are displayed.  “N” stands for Notes and this column is a hotspot you can double-click on to go straight to the Notes area!  Double-click anywhere else on the line and it opens the record to the normal Main tab instead.

Records that already Notes will have a Note icon in this column, but you can double-click in this column even on records that don’t have Notes yet!

* If you don’t have an “N” column, you can right-click on the column headings you do have and choose Reset columns to return them back to the defaults, including the “N” note column being the first one and a hotspot to open directly to notes.