20 Years of Chaos Software

Chaos Software Group, Inc. is proud to be celebrating our 20th birthday this year! Lots has changed in computing since version 1 of Time and Chaos came out back in 1992. In those days, shareware meant trading disks with friends, finding a download on a computer bulletin board (the Web hadn’t been invented yet) or sending off a letter for a disk by mail. Take a look at some of the disks we sent out in earlier days…
old disks for Time and Chaos

No matter the method of getting our software, there have always been many choices to pick from and one vital way to sift through all the options was a great recommendation from a friend who found us first and told you to try us out!

We have always worked hard to keep improving our software over these twenty years, too, to keep it worthy of your recommendations. From that first version, we have kept updating to keep up with changes with Windows. We have kept updating to keep with with changes to technology. We have added an enhanced version of Time & Chaos with email called Chaos Intellect to our product line, too.

Just a couple of months ago, we released a new generation of our product line: Intellect 4 and Time & Chaos 8 and a new product called Chaos Free, a freeware version of Time & Chaos stripped down to just the popular classic screen. These new versions include many long requested enhancements but these are also complete remakes, so you’ll want to learn more about them before you install them. Most important is that you must update together if you share data with others as these new versions use new data files!

We are very proud of these new versions, but they are not just a update patch you can install from inside your current version. These are new programs you can download and install from our web site, if you choose to make the change. I’m sure you will understand that being different, you’ll need to take some time to get to know it before bombarding our tech support department with comments and questions! There is also nothing broken with Intellect 3 or Time & Chaos 7 if you decide to stay with them for now.

Our web site has a great video training section we call Chaos University. We have completely updated it with videos on our new versions. All the new videos are under 5 minutes long and you can view any of them through your web browser at http://www.chaossoftware.com/university/ .

If you know our software well and are considering the upgrade, we can recommend 201 Docking Panels, 202 Columns and 601 Name vs Last, First, Company as videos of particular interest…

You can also read more about these new versions and what has changed on our products page at http://www.chaossoftware.com/products.aspx .

If you already own Intellect 3 or Time & Chaos 7, these are also FREE updates, so you can make your decision not on price, but on your tolerance for change!