Tips, Tricks and Secrets #6: Editing Envelopes or Labels on-the-fly

There are times where you still need to send real letters or packages – not everything can be done by email!  Our contact manager programs, Intellect, Time & Chaos and ChaosFree, can easily print envelopes or mailing labels for you, just using the Print button on the toolbar.

There are times, however, when you want to make a quick change on-the-fly. Something that isn’t permanent (or you would edit the record and save your changes) but still a change you want to make right now for this printout.

edit print textOur Print Preview screen has a great trick where you can point to a piece of text and hold the Shift key on the keyboard with one hand while clicking in the middle of the text with your mouse.  This secret method will pop-up a text box with the text in that area that is about to print. This box allows you to modify the label or envelope to add an ATTN: line or change a name or anything else you want to change.

Keep in mind that the print sizes have already been calculated, meaning you can’t add lines and lines of additional information. This tip is for making quick and small changes just before printing.