Chaos Software for Android

Have an Android device? We’re happy to announce new native Android apps are available now through Google Play!

These apps are designed to sync with and with Intellect 4, Time & Chaos 8 and Legal Billing 7.  The apps are free for our ChaosHost subscribers!

We would appreciate you trying them out and giving us good reviews on Google Play to help us encourage newbies to check us out.

(If in the unfortunate event you find something bad to say, please let our tech support department know so we can do our best to help you out rather than leaving a bad review on our ‘permanent record’.)

Check out the full Android product list at .

5 thoughts to “Chaos Software for Android”

  1. I am a long-time Legal Billing user. I am also an avid android user.

    I was quite excited to see the new android apps, but was disappointed to see that I could not use the app, as I do not have a ChaosHost account, nor do I want one. This is not meant to criticize what is probably a very good hosting service, but rather to express frustration as one who has already subscribed to and been using an alternative cloud hosting/syncing service.

    In fact I have been uploading my Legal Billing backups to redundant encrypted cloud services already and am satisfied with the performance.

    Is there any way to configure or to use the app in my situation? I would be happy to pay for the app, itself, if it would allow me to sync via an alternative cloud service like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    1. We appreciate your concerns about ChaosHost being required. We do this for a few reasons. First, we know it makes for the best and smoothest experience. ChaosHost is reliable and self-managed by us for the one and only purpose of working with our data files. You can set things to sync automatically and your data is always available from your PC, the web and your devices without any advanced skills being required. Second, there is a heavy cost burden with having servers available (and tech support) to serve our customers. ChaosHost is a paid add-on, but one that in addition to being the best possible experience, is also a way to keep supporting our efforts to serve you, to post updates, to upgrade servers, and to add free native apps for Android and iPhone. We maintain your privacy and we don’t have advertising or tracking on ChaosHost or our apps.

      Having said all of that, there is one other option we are considering and offer to you for consideration as well. In our Chaos Labs at we have a test program for a Desktop sync which is available for beta testers now. In place of using as the server, you can run this program on your PC, fill in the new server info in your Android or iPhone apps and sync with your machine. When your sync is done, you can close the desktop app until the next time you wish to sync. As it is in testing, we don’t have a price for this program yet, but the purchase fee for this program, should we decide to release it, could help offset the costs of the Android and iPhone development as well.

      I hope this gives you some insight as to our reasoning and our options!

      Bill at ChaosSoftware

  2. Hi Bill –

    Thanks for the reply. (I just noticed it!)

    I will take a look at the beta desktop you’re working on.

    — Andrew

  3. Hi Bill and other Chaotic !ntellectuals:

    I have recently downloaded the Android Apps, and the desktop server that allows me to sync my data between my desktop and the mobile devices. As I am not travelling out-of-town or far away often enough to need the Chaos Host, these Android Apps are a very welcome addition to the Chaos Toolkit. The Desktop Sync program is very easy to set up, and the Sync process works quickly and efficiently. I would be willing to purchase both the desktop sync program and the Android Apps. in the same way that I have purchased the other Accessories modules such as Legal Billing, the Address Swiper and so on.

    My needs and uses are not very demanding, as I have not yet found anything that does not work — no bugs or other cyber-orcs to complain about. If I do, I will let you know.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. I love Desktop Sync…especially since it doesn’t require the purchase of Chaos Host, which I simply don’t need. As Peter said (above), “My needs and uses are not very demanding.” I look forward to the final release and pricing information. Keep up the good work!

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