Getting Windows 10? Chaos Software has you covered

You may already be aware that Microsoft is releasing a major update on July 29th: Windows 10. This does and should raise questions about whether all your programs would make the transition if you do.

The good news: Legal Billing 7, Intellect 4 and Time & Chaos 8 are Windows 10 ready!

I’ve installed Windows 10 already on one of my computers and tried out our software with it. The great news is that all our current versions seem to be ready to go when you are!

So, how is Windows 10?

The short answer? I like Windows 10 and I’m happy I upgraded.

The slightly longer answer? I like the fact that Windows seems to be back to focusing on real computer desktop users again. I like the start menu that doesn’t hide my desktop and I like that Microsoft’s new apps run in Windows like everything else does on my desktop instead of taking over full screen like they did in Windows 8. I think these changes will help things be more familiar to Windows 7 users making the jump, as well.

For all the media talk about the PC being dead, the fact is that for you and me, our computer is still the main place to get work done! Our smartphones and tablets are great, but when I’m near my computer, I’m going to use it to answer email and do my work, not my phone. Of course, that is also where our Chaos Software programs are the most powerful, too!

So to sum it all up, if you decide to take the leap and upgrade to Windows 10, our software should be ready for you!