Version 10 has been released!

We have released updates for Legal Billing, Chaos Intellect and Time & Chaos to bring all of them to version 10!

Why did we choose to skip numbers? 

First, we wanted to make more clear which versions worked with what. We have users with a mix of Time & Chaos and Intellect in their offices and we have Legal Billing users who want to add contact management software too.  It gets really complicated to explain that Intellect 4 is compatible with Time & Chaos 8 which is compatible with Legal Billing 7.  Now, if all are version 10,  you know they get along!

Second, with Windows 10 becoming ubiquitous, it doesn’t hurt to imply our software is up-to-date and works with Windows 10, which is true.

Does this mess with my data files?

We always recommend backing up your data! We’ve built this capability in on the file menu and it is there for your protection.

Having said that, this update does not require any conversion of your existing data files from Legal Billing 7, Time & Chaos 8 or Intellect 4. Instead it installs just as a normal update would and continues to use the same data you already have.

(If you are coming from a much older generation of our software, it will need to copy and convert files, just as it would have needed to do if you were upgrading to the older LB 7, T&C 8, or Intellect 4 versions that the 10 versions are replacing.)

How do I update?

Just go to Help in your current version and use the Check for newer version to find the update. That will help you download and install it.  You could also download it directly from our web site’s Products and Downloads page, if you like.

In addition to the main program, if you use Intellect or Time & Chaos, many of the add-on accessories have been updated, too, including Google Sync, Outlook Sync and Desktop Sync. These updates can be found on our Products and Downloads page as well.