Registration Codes

Registration codes for your software programs can be such a pain to keep up with, but if you lose them, most of the time you are out of luck. Here at Chaos Software I would say at least 60 % of calls a DAY are for lost registration codes, or customers saying, “Hey, why is the program saying this is just an evaluation when I paid for this already?”

Here are a few reasons why you could see the trial version message on your screen: you purchase a new computer, your computer has a hard drive crash, or you installed a major update to Windows. When software is reinstalled, you MUST add in the registration information, otherwise the computer simply does not remember that you paid good money for that program, and the popup screen will begin to reappear.

We keep a record of registration codes for purchases in the last few years, so if you run into trouble, just email or give us a call at 972-759-1121, then push the option for SALES and we will gladly provide those codes for you.