Name versus Last, First and Company

Our new generation of contact management programs, Intellect 4 and Time & Chaos 8, have a new Name field which provides a consistent list of your contacts everywhere in the program, formatted just like you like it.

The Name field is automatically generated using a combination of Lastname, Firstname and/or Company.  You get to choose how you want this field to appear and your choice will affect this Name column on our main screen, along with everywhere else you find a list of your contacts, such as when you pick Linked Contacts for Appointments, Tasks, Project, or even other Contacts.  For Intellect users, the name choice will also be used when you type-ahead to fill out the TO: email address field.

To set your Name Style preference, go to Options, then under Contact Management, select Contacts. The Name Style field on the top right will provide a dropdown with every possible combination for you to pick from. Save your choice here and you will see it instantly back on the main screen.

Keep in mind that if and when you want to look for contacts by something other than what you specified in the Name field, you don’t need to go back to the program options to change the Name style. The main screen offers your choice of columns when displaying the list of contacts and you can click on any of the other column heading to resort the list by that field instead of the name field.

Our Chaos University has a video guide explaining how and why to use this new Name column and how it compares in use with the Lastname and Company columns of the previous generation: [flowplayer src=’′ autoplay=false buffering=true]

New Affiliate Program

Chaos Software is trying something new, a paid affiliate program! We are looking to test this program with 4-5 people who think they can sell our software solutions.

Commissions will be set at 20% a very generous percent of the sales price.

So if any of our great customers want to put some extra money in their pockets and give this a shot please let us know.


Thanks for your time.

HTC Syncing With Chaos Host

I just purchased a new Android phone, the HTC one X. No more squinting to see what is on the screen, this one is great!. Ok, now I have reset up my Chaos Host account, believe it or not it took me only 6 minutes. I know the login name and passwords (kept in Intellect) and the setup instructions were perfect, I just followed the setup instructions provided for the HTC, they described what I would see on the phone and what I should type in. Done and now syncing!

I just have to remember to keep my Contact and or Calendar database under 2000 records or I will have issues with syncing more than that amount of data over the air.

Love this syncing style as I don’t have to do anything once it is setup, I set Intellect to sync every 15 minutes and my phone syncs automatically.  Now my host account, my phone, and my Intellect have the exact same data. Love it, all my information is always with me.

The Opposite of “Nobody Home”

Heading up our technical support department, I’ve heard almost every question there is about our software and a lot of other programs as well.  I always find it interesting when someone asks why we still answer our phones or why we give away updates for free.  Those are funny questions when you think about it and perhaps odd questions to be asking technical support.  But we do get all kinds here.

I believe the answer would be different for each of us here at Chaos Software.  Personally, I believe this shows a simple respect for our customers but I also believe this is what I would expect from any other software company.  Perhaps expect is the wrong word.  We use a lot of different software here and I almost never expect a software company to answer their phones or provide free upgrades.  So instead, I will say this is what I wish we would get from every other software company.  And if this is a level of service we wish from other companies then the least we can do is provide it ourselves.

I think for me, the most frustrating part of using a product, especially a new piece of software, is an overwhelming feeling that “no one is home”.  This trepidation can be slight if you have a simple usability question and can be devastating if you actually run into a problem.  I hope that, for my small part in technical support, we provide the antithesis to that “nobody home” feeling.  Hopefully we give you the feeling that despite what happens with the software, even if something can’t be fixed, at least there is someone on the other end of the download that cares about what happened.