Tips, Tricks and Secrets #5: The quickest way to add Notes

Every record in Time & Chaos and Intellect has a Notes area for you to record information that doesn’t fit in traditional fields.  What might not be obvious, though, is that each of these programs has a quick way to go directly to the Notes to add more information.

First, go to our classic section and look at the column headings in each area of the screen.  (Unless you’ve removed it, *) each section will have an “N” column before the other fields are displayed.  “N” stands for Notes and this column is a hotspot you can double-click on to go straight to the Notes area!  Double-click anywhere else on the line and it opens the record to the normal Main tab instead.

Records that already Notes will have a Note icon in this column, but you can double-click in this column even on records that don’t have Notes yet!

* If you don’t have an “N” column, you can right-click on the column headings you do have and choose Reset columns to return them back to the defaults, including the “N” note column being the first one and a hotspot to open directly to notes.

Tips, Tricks and Secrets: #4 Quick Find with And/Or

As Chaos Software celebrates our 21st birthday this year, we are posting a series of 21 tips, tricks and secrets to maximize your use of our software products.

Tip #4: Quick Find with And/Or

At the top right corner of Intellect 4 and Time & Chaos 8, Quick Find is always ready to dig through your data to find a phrase anywhere you’ve entered it. Best of all, unlike our report screen that only scans one type of data at a time, Quick Find scans all of the databases in your data folder for hits.quickfind

Most of the time, looking up a simple phrase will do, but sometimes you want a more advanced lookup.

For “AND” searches where you want hits to match two or more phrases, just include an ampersand “&” character in the quick find box.

For “OR” searches where you want hits to match one phrase or another, just include a comma “,” between the phrases.

For best results, skip the spaces. So if you are looking for contacts named Bill or Bob, don’t enter “Bill, Bob” but instead use “Bill,Bob” with no space after the comma.

Tips, Tricks and Secrets: #3 Launch Multiple Instances

As Chaos Software celebrates our 21st birthday, we are posting 21 tips, tricks and secrets to getting the most out of our software.

Tip #3: Launch Multiple Instances

This tip isn’t for everyone. Most people only have one set of data and have no need to open it twice.  Even for people with more than one data folder, you can drive yourself crazy keeping up with two or three instances of the program going on all at the same time.

If you need it though, you’re already being driven crazy by the demands of the job, so being able to have two or more copies of Intellect or Time & Chaos going at once is much better than the normal toggling back and forth you would otherwise do.

So, what’s the trick?  Shift-Click!  Instead of the mouse-only click that starts the first instance of the program, hold down the shift key with the other hand when you click on the icon to start up the program.  Instead of switching you to the already running instance, it will start a new one which you can use to reopen a different database and have both going at the same time!

Tips, Tricks and Secrets: #2 Google Maps support

In celebration of Chaos Software’s 21 years in business, we are posting 21 of our favorite tips, tricks and secrets for our software products.

Tip #2: Google Maps support

If you have contacts in Intellect 4, Time & Chaos 8 or ChaosFree, you can utilize Google Maps to get the location or even directions to a contact by using the so-called business card section on the right side of the contact list.

Business Card to Google Maps

Just click directly on the visible address, and your default web browser will pop up and deliver you to Google Maps with this same address already selected.

If you want the secondary address instead, look for the arrow button to the right of the address and click on it. This button toggles the address between primary and secondary.

Finally, the button with the two pieces of paper will copy the current address to the clipboard to be pasted into other applications.

Tips, Tricks & Secrets: #1 Go To Date

Chaos Software is celebrating our 21st birthday this year! To commemorate, we are posting 21 of our favorite tips, tricks and secrets in our software products.

Tip #1: Go To Date

This one is found in Intellect, Time & Chaos, and Chaos Free.

Why use it? If you are trying to go to a date that is far away, don’t click the next year over and over and over. Just use this Go To Date feature and type in the date you want to be taken directly there. Even better, what if you have something that needs to happen in 90 days from now or needs to happen 90 days before a specific deadline? Go To Date is for you!

There are two ways to trigger the Go To Date. One method is to right click anywhere in the navigation calendar(s) on the left side of our screen. The other is to click on a date in the nav calendar, then press CTRL-G on your keyboard. Either way, you’ll get a popup that says “Enter a date or a numeric value”.

Enter a date like 4/1/2016 if you know the exact date you want to move to. You can also put in +90 or -90 and the calendar will jump to exactly 90 days after (+) or before (-) the currently selected date. You even have options for other time periods than days to jump by years, months, weeks, or weekdays, if need be.

GoTo Date