Can you help with World Holiday schedules for T&C 8 and Intellect 4?

One of the cool features in our calendar is the ability to export data to other Chaos users so they can add it to their schedule without dealing with importing. On the receiving end, you just get a file to download, double-click and accept to get these items added to your schedule. We call this feature Transportable Records.

You can find world holidays in the downloads area of our website or at

Right now, I am almost finished creating new transportable records of holidays, moon phases and Jewish religious holidays for the years 2016 through 2020.  If your country (or one you know well) isn’t listed on our website, you can help me and other users by adding these holidays to your schedule then exporting and emailing them to me. I would certainly be happy to post them for others to download, with credit on the website to you, too, if you like.

To be useful, we need all of the years worth of holidays for a country from 2016 through 2020!

If you can help, here’s what to do:

  • Enter the items into your calendar. Using a group name for the holidays when you enter them will make it easier to export to send in.
  • When you are ready, use the Report screen to find the holidays with a date greater than or equal to 1/1/2016 and a date less than or equal 12/31/2020.
  • Highlight the results and look for Export, then choose Transportable Records. You’ll get to name this file and choose where to save it.
  • Finally, email that in to me at sales at and tell me if you also want credit on the web site.


Tips, Tricks & Secrets: #1 Go To Date

Chaos Software is celebrating our 21st birthday this year! To commemorate, we are posting 21 of our favorite tips, tricks and secrets in our software products.

Tip #1: Go To Date

This one is found in Intellect, Time & Chaos, and Chaos Free.

Why use it? If you are trying to go to a date that is far away, don’t click the next year over and over and over. Just use this Go To Date feature and type in the date you want to be taken directly there. Even better, what if you have something that needs to happen in 90 days from now or needs to happen 90 days before a specific deadline? Go To Date is for you!

There are two ways to trigger the Go To Date. One method is to right click anywhere in the navigation calendar(s) on the left side of our screen. The other is to click on a date in the nav calendar, then press CTRL-G on your keyboard. Either way, you’ll get a popup that says “Enter a date or a numeric value”.

Enter a date like 4/1/2016 if you know the exact date you want to move to. You can also put in +90 or -90 and the calendar will jump to exactly 90 days after (+) or before (-) the currently selected date. You even have options for other time periods than days to jump by years, months, weeks, or weekdays, if need be.

GoTo Date

Intellect now available with Meeting Confirmations and Locations

Did you read our blog post in August about “Are you coming to my meeting?” Our new Meeting Confirmation feature is now part of this new release of Intellect

This does require both Chaos Intellect and a cloud account to make this feature work.

If you would like to see it in action, we have posted a new video to our Chaos University. The new video is Intellect 506: Meeting Confirmations.

New versions of Time & Chaos and Chaos Free have also been posted. While these don’t have the ability to send and receive meeting confirmations, all three programs do have another new feature, which is the ability to enter a location for an appointment. This location field comes standard with most smartphones and your iPhone or Android can usually take advantage of this information to tell you how to get there or perhaps even tell you how long it will take with traffic to arrive. From our program’s point of view, it is just another text field that you can enter whatever text you want to help you remember where to go.