Are you coming to my meeting?

The next update to Intellect 4 is coming soon and some of the updates are focused on adding a few new features to the Appointments data.  In particular, we are currently testing meeting confirmations that Intellect users can send to anyone with an email address.

How might this work?

First, you will need two things: Intellect 4 and a ChaosHost account.

Next, using Intellect 4, right click on an appointment and choose “Send to …” and select “E-Mail Recipient”.  Send it to any email address and you’re done!

The E-Mail recipient option isn’t new: Intellect 4 has always offered this as a way to notify others of an appointment they might be interested in. A vCal attachment for the appointment is always attached as well, so the recipient can easily add it to their calendar, even if they don’t also use Intellect.

What is new, however, is a way to track their response. The email includes two nice, new, big buttons for the recipient to Accept or Decline your invite. When they click one of these buttons, their response will be saved through your account and will update the appointment with their confirmation.

Sound useful to you?  We are looking for a few users that want a head start using this new feature, who are willing to send out some invitations and help us get any rough edges smoothed out before the official release. Send an email to our support team and we’ll forward you the details on downloading the latest beta.

Your ability to juggle many tasks will take you far

Today at lunch, I had Chinese food and received the following fortune cookie message: Your ability to juggle many tasks will take you far.fortunecookie I certainly realize that fortune cookies are meant to have nice platitudes that appeal to almost everyone who might receive it, but this particular fortune reminded me that if I am good at juggling tasks, it is only due to my use of Chaos Intellect (and Time & Chaos before that).

Task management is a popular thing now. Everyday I see another announcement for a new task tracking website or app for my phone.  I have tried many of them, mostly to look for good ideas, but I’ve yet to use one that I thought could top Intellect or Time & Chaos?  Why?

The tasks in Intellect and Time & Chaos only show you today’s list.  I don’t need to worry about tomorrow yet, so future ones are hidden until the day comes for them to appear.  I don’t need to worry about completed items. I know they are stored safely and can be found easily, but they don’t need to distract me from today, either.  Instead, our task list is an immediate reminder of just the things I need to worry about right now (or at least, before the end of the day).

As I work through my list from top to bottom, if I don’t plan to do the first thing on my list, I try to decide when I do plan to do it, and I drag it to the calendar on the left to reschedule it.  When the day comes, this item will popup on my list again, but for now, it is out of the way and no longer a distraction from what I am juggling for today.

When I finish an item, if appropriate, I add some notes about what I did, then I mark it as done to keep a record of it. (Over the phone, I hear people telling me that they delete items when they are done, but since our programs only show you current tasks and don’t make you fight through a long list of completed items, I think you should never delete but keep it, mark it done, and keep a record of what you’ve done and when.)

At the end of the day, if I rush out the door without completing each of my tasks, there is a “safety net” feature in our programs that will roll over unfinished items to the next day. That way, you are still juggling the task without forgetting about it and dropping the ball.  Incomplete items show up along with all the new items scheduled for the new day and I can start marching through them again the way I did yesterday.

I admit, sometimes I do procrastinate. (No one reading this blog would do that, right?).  One bonus tip I can offer is to right-click on the task column headings in Intellect 4 or Time & Chaos 8 and turn on the “date” column.  That way, if you do happen to procrastinate, you can easily see which items have been sliding for a few days and are past due.

If you haven’t been using the Tasks area of Intellect or Time & Chaos to their full potential, hopefully this has given you some good ideas and will bring you good fortune, too.


Checking out Alternatives to Legal Billing

I occasionally like to compare our Legal Billing software with other, similar products available.  For the last couple of days I’ve been testing out a specific close competitor to Legal Billing.  Wow, I am shocked. Maybe I picked the wrong to one compare but this one is nerve racking.  It caused my to slam down my mouse more than once.  I am not techie or developer but if a program is not simple to work with I can’t spend money on it.

Legal Billing v7 is by far easier, faster and does what I need it to do. This other one I had to read each level, click here nothing happens, clients don’t show up, too many buttons, confusing.  I am done with that one.  If you want 100 buttons on your program great.  I don’t, I want it to work simple and straight forward.  I feel our Legal Billing software eliminates all of the confusion.  It cuts out things I really would never use.  I can get straight to important billing records I need to track.

(FYI: Cost for our nearest competitor is $300.00 per user with only 1 year of free tech support. Legal Billing 7 is $39.95 per user with no charge for tech support.)

It is your choice but I love my Legal Billing.


New and Powerful: Online Legal Billing

chaoshostlb2The most popular Legal Billing software now works in your browser!

We are proud to announce the beta release of Legal Billing “in the cloud” as part of our already powerful service.  You now can view and edit your Legal Billing data with time slips, expenses and payments, along with your Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, and Projects that have always been available through ChaosHost.


If you use Legal Billing version 7 and have a ChaosHost account, you will find a new Legal Billing button on the top menu when you login to your account at  The Legal Billing Web Version shows you all of your data synched from your local copy of Legal Billing 7, and also allows data to be added or modified directly online.  You can always view, add, or change any of your billing entries from anywhere in the world.

Not using a PC browser or iPad?  The mobile version of designed for use with smartphones also has a new Legal Billing section for Legal Billing users so you can work with your billing records directly from your phone or tablet.  Need to verify a billing entry while waiting in court?  No problem.  Just login to ChaosHost and have full access to all of your records for all of your clients.


Legal Billing 7 and a account

This new Legal Billing interface will only be visible if you are synching with our latest release of Legal Billing 7 and you have synced the local Legal Billing data to  This local sync process can be performed either from Time & Chaos 8, Intellect 4, or from Legal Billing 7, as long as you have included the billing data as part of the sync process.

If you don’t have an account for our service, our sales department can set you up with a 30 day trial. After your trial time is up, you can get an account for as low as $75 per year.

It is still in beta!

Please keep in mind that this Legal Billing part of is in beta, so be sure to backup your data on your PC using our backup options in the software to protect yourself from any problems that arise.  If you do experience any issues with this service, please let us know via our Contact Us page.

More updates to

Our developers have been hard at work adding new functionality to our online Chaos Data Live web version available at  One of our more requested features it the ability filter by Category on the web.  You will now find a new Category button at the top of each section.

In addition, the following changes have also been made.

  • Added new theming options using some popular jQueryUI themes (look in Options)
  • Added Unfiled option to Group filtering
  • Added Two Week planner view
  • Fixed cross-thru text on canceled appointments
  • Fixed editing categories on Project records
  • Fixed editing repeating task events to avoid duplicates