World Holidays

Chaos Software has posted holidays for many countries for many years and our Transportable Record feature makes it easy to add them to your calendar. To view the available world holiday schedules, look on our Products/Downloads page at where the ones we have created are available for download

With so many countries worldwide, I can’t get to all of them, so if you make transportable record files for the holidays in a country we are missing, using Time & Chaos or Intellect, then email them to me, I will be happy to add them to our website so others can download them, too.  I will be happy to add to site page your name and a thank you.

Thanks again to our customers who are so supportive and helpful.


A New ChaosHost Experience

As many of our regular users have already seen, has been significantly updated over the last couple of weeks.  Many of these changes guide ChaosHost toward an interface similar to the local installations of our latest releases of Time & screenshot-classicChaos or Intellect.

One of the most requested recent changes is the ability to scroll through your longer lists of Contacts, Appointments, and other data with more than just the scroll bar.  Our new look has also enabled your mouse scroll wheel to roll up and down the list.  In addition, once you have clicked on a row, you can use your keyboard arrow keys to quickly move up and down these lists as well.

Here are some of the more significant updates to

  • iPad users will no longer be sent to the mobile interface automatically and will instead be greeted with the full interface which now works great through a desktop or tablet based browser.
  • The Name column has been added to the Contact views.  What appears in this name column (e.g. Last Name, First Name, Company) can be modified by clicking on Options and setting the Name Style preference.
  • All record entry and edit screens have been revamped with tablet friendly features including a proper Group edit field, improved date pickers, and updated sliders and spinners.
  • For users with a larger set of Contacts, you can now choose a default Group filter.  Under Options, you can set a default Group for Contacts specifically.  Once set, when you log in to,the Contact area will be automatically filtered to only show that specific Group.

There are still more changes planned for the near future, so keep checking back here on the blog for updates!


Merge Fields for Drag and Drop Text

One of the “hidden” features in Intellect and Time & Chaos is the ability to customize the drag and drop text when creating a new Appointment or Task from a Contact.

While using the Classic view for instance, you can drag a Contact’s name to the Appointment or Task area and a new record will be created.  The same holds true for dragging a Contact to the Calendar or Task navigation buttons at the lower left of the program or for dragging a Contact to the left hand calendars for creating an Appointment specifically.When you create an Appointment or Task through this drag and drop process, the description will be automatically filled with some text based on a setting in Options such as “Meeting With” or “Call” followed by the Contact’s name.

If you click on Options at the top of our software and then go to the Calendar or Task section, you can then modify the text that creates this description.  The cool hidden feature here is the ability to add merge fields to this text.  In both the Calendar and Task area of Options, the “Default Drop Text” can contain special merge fields.

These fields must be formatted properly to make sense to the program.  Each field is essentially given a corresponding number.  For instance, the Primary Address Line 1 field is field number 8.  So if you changed the default drop text for Appointments to:

Meeting at «8» with

The Appointment description would automatically fill in with something like:

Meeting at 123 Main Street with John Smith
Options Screen Showing Default Drop TextNOTE: The type of brackets used are important.  You can copy and paste the brackets from this article to use in your merge fields to make sure the correct brackets are used.For reference, the fields and their corresponding numbers (in brackets) are given below.  Keep in mind, the Contact’s name is included automatically after the drop text.  If copying and pasting using the following information, you would only need to copy the number and brackets.

«1» Last Name
«2» Company Name
«3» Create Date
«4» Last Modified Date
«5» Group
«6» First Name
«7» Title

«8» Primary Address Line 1
«9» Primary Address Line 2
«10» Primary City
«11» Primary State
«12» Primary Zip
«13» Primary Country

«14» Secondary Address Line 1
«15» Secondary Address Line 2
«16» Secondary City
«17» Secondary State
«18» Secondary Zip
«19» Secondary Country

«20» Category
«21» Prefix
«22» Suffix
«23» Notes

«24» Custom Field 1
«25» Custom Field 2

«43» Custom Field 20

«44» Phone Label 1
«45» Phone Label 2

«63» Phone Label 20

«64» Phone Field 1
«65» Phone Field 2

«83» Phone Field 20

Windows 8 with Chaos

Are you thinking about a Windows 8 computer? The good news is our Chaos programs work great with Windows 8. The bad news is that there are two different products named Windows 8 which you could be purchasing and our software can only be installed on one of them.

Windows RT (some techies still call this “Metro”) runs specially designed apps available only through Microsoft’s Windows 8 App Store. This is what you see in the tv commericals with the “live tiles” and touchscreens.  However, there is no traditional mode on Windows RT devices to run normal Desktop Apps the full versions of Windows 8 can. Since Windows 8 RT cannot provide support for Desktop apps, you won’t be able to run any programs from your previous computers. Windows 8 RT will not be able to run Time & Chaos, Chaos Intellect, Chaos Free or Legal Billing as all of our apps are traditional Desktop Apps.

Windows 8 (or Windows 8 Pro) is the more traditional version of Windows. If you choose to upgrade an older computer, this is the version of Windows 8 you will be getting. Full Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro computers can run RT apps AND full desktop apps, too.  Without a touch screen, it can be a bit tricky to use, but there are mouse and keyboard controls so you can still get by anyway.  Most importantly, since Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro do have the desktop mode, you CAN install and use Time & Chaos, Intellect, Chaos Free and Legal Billing.

In summary, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro work great with our desktop programs.  Windows RT will not.

But wait, there’s one more thing!

There is one small lifeline for Windows RT users which is similar to what users of Apple iPhones and iPads can do or Android devices can do.  Windows RT does come with some built-in programs for Contacts and Calendars which can sync with corporate servers.  If you have an account with our service, you can add an account to your RT device to sync your contacts and calendar on the device with the data on ChaosHost. It’s not the same as using our normal software, but it does mean you can still use your data and make edits and changes which will get sent back to your Chaos program on your real computer.

20 Years, 20 Christmases

We are celebrating our 20th year and 20th Christmas here at Chaos Software. Being in Texas, it is almost never snowy, and only sometimes icy, but always a happy time with decorations up, cookies made (and eaten), and Christmas carols on the radio.

We’ve had a great time with our new versions released this past year and we truly appreciate your support and patronage!

From Mike, Bill, David and Debbie, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!