Moving Back and Forth… and Back

We do have a small number of users who try Intellect 4 for a period of time and then move back to the old Intellect 3 only to again install Intellect 4 at a later date.  What these users encounter is data that existed when they first tried Intellect 4, not the up to date data when they installed Intellect 4 for a second time.

Basically, the data exists as it did when you first converted the information from Intellect 3 to Intellect 4. When you first upgraded, the data was converted up to the newer format. What you are seeing is still that same old converted data.

To address the issue, we need to delete the files that store the newer format data so the old data is reconverted up to the newer format. First create a current backup of all your version 3 data. I would then recommend uninstalling Intellect 3 so it is no longer used in the future.

Then browse to your data directory or, if you are not familiar with this location, within Intellect 4, click on Help, choose Information About My Data, and then simply double click on the path by “Data Home”. Just be sure to close Intellect after doing so.

In the data folders, delete the files beginning with Contacts, the files beginning with Calendar, and also Tasks and Project files as well. Do not delete any file beginning with a ~. The ~ files are your Intellect 3 data and the files we are deleting are your Intellect 4 data. There should be at least three Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Projects files each.

Then double click on the Mail folder to enter the mail directory. There, delete the “Mail Cache” and “Mail Address Cache” files. There should be at least three of each of these files as well.

Once all files have been removed, restart Intellect 4. It will take longer to start as the old data is converted up to the new format. Let that process complete without trying to run Intellect 4 again or stop the process midway. It may take some time. Once it finished, all of your current Intellect 3 data should be converted up to Intellect 4.