Tips, Tricks and Secrets: #2 Google Maps support

In celebration of Chaos Software’s 21 years in business, we are posting 21 of our favorite tips, tricks and secrets for our software products.

Tip #2: Google Maps support

If you have contacts in Intellect 4, Time & Chaos 8 or ChaosFree, you can utilize Google Maps to get the location or even directions to a contact by using the so-called business card section on the right side of the contact list.

Business Card to Google Maps

Just click directly on the visible address, and your default web browser will pop up and deliver you to Google Maps with this same address already selected.

If you want the secondary address instead, look for the arrow button to the right of the address and click on it. This button toggles the address between primary and secondary.

Finally, the button with the two pieces of paper will copy the current address to the clipboard to be pasted into other applications.