New option to sync with Google Contacts and Calendar

Our developers have just released an all-new sync program for Google users called Google Sync (what else would we call it?) that offers two-way or one-way transfers for Contact and/or Calendar data.

This add-on accessory can be used with Intellect 4.x or Time & Chaos 8.x.

Google Sync replaces the earlier utilities Google Updater (for Intellect 4/T&C 8) and Chaos Sync for Google  (for Intellect 3/T&C 6 & 7). These earlier tools were broken and rendered unusable when Google terminated the old services these older tools used.

You can read more about this or download a 10-sync trial version from our Products page.

HTC Syncing With Chaos Host

I just purchased a new Android phone, the HTC one X. No more squinting to see what is on the screen, this one is great!. Ok, now I have reset up my Chaos Host account, believe it or not it took me only 6 minutes. I know the login name and passwords (kept in Intellect) and the setup instructions were perfect, I just followed the setup instructions provided for the HTC, they described what I would see on the phone and what I should type in. Done and now syncing!

I just have to remember to keep my Contact and or Calendar database under 2000 records or I will have issues with syncing more than that amount of data over the air.

Love this syncing style as I don’t have to do anything once it is setup, I set Intellect to sync every 15 minutes and my phone syncs automatically.  Now my host account, my phone, and my Intellect have the exact same data. Love it, all my information is always with me.