The Opposite of “Nobody Home”

Heading up our technical support department, I’ve heard almost every question there is about our software and a lot of other programs as well.  I always find it interesting when someone asks why we still answer our phones or why we give away updates for free.  Those are funny questions when you think about it and perhaps odd questions to be asking technical support.  But we do get all kinds here.

I believe the answer would be different for each of us here at Chaos Software.  Personally, I believe this shows a simple respect for our customers but I also believe this is what I would expect from any other software company.  Perhaps expect is the wrong word.  We use a lot of different software here and I almost never expect a software company to answer their phones or provide free upgrades.  So instead, I will say this is what I wish we would get from every other software company.  And if this is a level of service we wish from other companies then the least we can do is provide it ourselves.

I think for me, the most frustrating part of using a product, especially a new piece of software, is an overwhelming feeling that “no one is home”.  This trepidation can be slight if you have a simple usability question and can be devastating if you actually run into a problem.  I hope that, for my small part in technical support, we provide the antithesis to that “nobody home” feeling.  Hopefully we give you the feeling that despite what happens with the software, even if something can’t be fixed, at least there is someone on the other end of the download that cares about what happened.