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Chaos Software Group, Inc.

Reseller & Dealer Program

As an approved reseller for Chaos Software, you can pre-purchase a quantity of license keys at a discounted price in blocks of 10 or more, then resell these licenses to your customers. These discounts are available on resell of our Chaos Intellect, Time & Chaos and Legal Billing products.

Package Type Reseller Discount Rate
10 users 25%
25 users 30%
50 users 40%
100 users 50%

We would be happy to extend the same discount rate on accessory programs such as ChaosSync for Outlook (with no minimum quantity) when purchased at the same time as your reseller package.

How does this program work?

Contact our Sales Department through the Contact Us page on this site. Please provide your name, company name and address and let us know how which package you are wanting to start with. Once approved, you will be able to purchase license packs at the discounted price to resell.

You do not need to use all of the codes at the time of purchase!  We can issue license codes you pre-purchased at any date in the future once you have resold it to a specific client.



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