Migrating from Time & Chaos 5 or 6

If you have been using the previous version Time & Chaos, the good news is that we have maintained data compatibility with the data. All that should be required of you is one quick and easy step.

  1. From the File Menu of Time & Chaos, select OPEN DATA FOLDER and browse to the location that contains your current set of Time & Chaos data. Data should open right up as one would expect.

That's it.

A further note to Time & Chaos users regarding the "new look"

Since the initial release of Time & Chaos back in 1992, it has always been a successful program for us, everyone seems to love the fact that "everything is displayed on the main screen" of the program. However, software gets stale quickly. Development must never stop. Stop updating your software for a year and I believe you will be out of business. As a shareware company we have tried to keep a pace of an update every 90 days. Fortunately for us, this is something "the big guys" cannot do.

Although all software users demand change, they do not always embrace it. I believe that there is spectrum of computer users with hardcore geeks on one end of the spectrum and the "don't know what I'm doing" (DKWID) users on the other. The geeks lead the market. These are the folks that seek and discover. If they like something they pass it along down the chain. Regardless of where we each fall in the spectrum, when we find something we like, we tend to promote it the spectrum below us. So, I believe that it is critical to understand where in the spectrum the change is targeted and attempt to make that target say the word "cool". After all without a "cool" ... is it really worth it?

For many years, we have been asked for "Notes" - an area to track data that is not obviously categorized as Appointment, Task or Contact. The latest version of Time & Chaos includes a new module for this. It was implemented as an "extra window" that could be toggled on/off as needed. Although it works, many customers have felt obligated to find a permanent home for it on the main screen thus leaving the product looking very "crowded" . This fact, along with other requests forces my hand at a complete redesign. We are out of screen real-estate!


This help article applies to Time & Chaos 7