How Do I Filter by Group?

Look for the Group Toolbar Icon. If you wished to filter you contact list. Look at the toolbar above your contact list on the main screen of the program. There you will see an icon of a Red Funnel with the label "Groups" next to it. Click this with your mouse and it will cause a list of all of your groups to be displayed. Click on any one of your groups from that menu and the contact list is instantly filtered to only those contacts within that group. You will also notice that the group list also includes the groups for ALL and UNFILED. All is simply an unfiltered list. All Contacts while UNFILED are all of your contacts that have nothing (blank) entered into the group field of the record. This is very handy to locate items that you may have forgotten to place into a group. Another quick way to filter by group is a simple right mouse click on the contact list itself. This invokes a popup menu with Groups as an option.


This help article applies to Time & Chaos 7