link with drag hover and dropLinking Items to a Project

Projects can be a hub for all the parts required to get the big job done. Linking tasks and appointments you have in other parts of Time & Chaos to a project does require you to learn a new skill: Drag, Hover, and Drop

Drag - just find an item on the display and click and hold on the item to start dragging it

Hover - from the screen shot on the left, you should see the hover zone right over the Projects button in the lower left corner of our screen.  Once you mouse-over this area, the section above will display the Project Drop List with all of your existing projects displayed.  (Don't let go of the item yet!)

Drop - move your mouse up to this new Project Drop List window and drop it on an existing project (or even New Project) to link it up.


This help article applies to Time & Chaos 7