Basic Searching from the Report Screen

basic search criteria

The Search Field is where you can specify a particular field to look in. There is a drop down list of the available fields in the database you are searching. If you leave this set to All Fields, then Time & Chaos will look in each field, including the Notes area, to find a match for your Search Value.

Next to Search Field is the Search Logic field. The default is a "Contains" search, but there are other Logic options available to you as well. The full list of choices includes

The "Search For" field is where you can tell Time & Chaos for what you are searching. If you are searching in a date field, you will be provided with a dropdown calendar to select your search value. If you are searching Groups or Categories, you will be provided with a list of choices. If you are searching any other field, you can simply type it into the "Search For" field.

Once you have entered something into the "Search For" field, merely click the button for Find Now.


This help article applies to Time & Chaos 7