How Does the Task List Work?

The Task List is based around a concept that I like to call "just in time worrying". We certainly cannot afford to forget about an item that must get done but there is absolutely no point of worrying or thinking about it until we absolutely need to.

Task Items are very different than appointments. An appointment occurs at specific time on a specific day once that time has past, it's over. A Task is a commitment to accomplish something. We might place it on our Task List today, however if we don't get around to actually doing it today it WILL be there tomorrow and the next day and the next day until you do one of two things.

  1. Mark it Done (Preferred because it keeps it as history)
  2. Delete It.

Let's take a simple example. Let's say that on November 20th you have a special birthday to remember. You must not forget to pick up a fabulous gift. I would add a Task Item on November 10th "Remember to Pick up a Gift for My Friend's Birthday".

In this example I will not have this item on my Task List until November 10th. But afterwards it will be on my Task List everyday thereafter that is until I either Delete It or Mark it Done.

Biggest Mistake I see customers make #1 - Deleting Task Items. Once an item is marked DONE is remains forever on that date. It stops rolling forward. It becomes a valuable piece of history. If you delete it ... it's gone. Now certainly if the Task was so trivial then go ahead and delete it. Pick up Dry Cleaning, is for me one of these trivial Task's that I would delete but taking my car in for service would absolutely be one that I would mark Done.

Biggest Mistake I see customers make #2 - 500 + A Priority Task Items rolling over from day to day. This one really makes me smile. We see it all the time. Obviously they cannot possibly all be of the same urgency can they? Raising and lowering the priority of these items it pretty fundamental to accomplishing tasks. Obviously they cannot possibly all be done today either. By the shear fact that they are on your Task List for Today should compel you to do them today. If you see a Task Item that you have know that you will not be able to complete today then I encourage you to drag and drop it on the monthly calendar on a date that you want to be prompted again. This may be as close as tomorrow but it get's it off of your Task List for Today and let's you slide it out until the next day you want to worry about it. Granted, I am a time management nut but I promise you that at the end of every day my Task List is empty. I am not superman, but I am very well organized.


This help article applies to Time & Chaos 7