Backing up and Restoring Data.

The type of information you enter in Time and Chaos is invaluable for "running your life" . If something were to happen to your computer that might cause a data loss, you could have a significant problem. If you value the data you enter in Time and Chaos, it is in your best interest to make backups on a regular basis to protect yourself from the unknown.

A note about Tape Drives: It is important to recognize that most Tape Drives can only backup files that are not in use. If you are a network user and are trusting a Tape Drive to protect your data, you should be aware that if someone leaves Time and Chaos running while the Tape Drive attempts to backup the files, the Tape Drive will be forced to skip the files and will leave you with nothing. It is vital that you protect yourself by using our built-in backup option, even if you also have a Tape Drive.

Time and Chaos makes it very easy for you to backup your data. You can simply choose the Backup Data option under the File menu on the main screen of Time and Chaos. You can also choose an option to have us remind you to backup when you exit the Time and Chaos program. Time and Chaos will compress each of its databases, give them a file extension of .BAK and store them in your current Data Folder with your other Time and Chaos information. The backup files will be named APPT.BAK, PHONE.BAK, TODO.BAK, and NOTES.BAK for your Appointments, Telephone Book Entries, To Do list Items and Memos, respectively. Backup supports both local and the common Telephone Books, the To Do list and Appointments. Backups can even be made even while other users are using your data!

When you backup, you are given an opportunity to select a location. The default choice for you should be Local Folder, by which we mean the current location of your actual Time and Chaos data files. You can also choose to have these backup files copied to a 3½ Floppy (A:) or to Browse to a new location of your choice.

Note: Because the Backup Data option always creates files with the same names, it is important to remember that if you have more than one database, each must be backed up to a different diskette or different directory. If you backup two different data folders to the same location, only the most recent backup will remain!

When you restore, you will be given an option to indicate where your Time and Chaos backup files are located. This could be in the Local Folder where the main data files are found, a 3½ Floppy (A:) or any location you can Browse to.


This help article applies to Time & Chaos 7