***Warning*** - Time & Chaos 8 and newer use new data files than older versions!

If you share your information with others, new data files can create compatibility issues if everyone is not ready to move together to this new version.

The newer data files used by this version are named contacts.*, calendar.*, tasks.*, and projects.*. The first time you run this newer version when moving from version 7 or older, your data from the previous version is copied to these new data files automatically, so this new version will start where your old one left off. Your old data will not be harmed, but any edits, changes or additions you make to this program will not be seen in older versions of our programs.

Major differences from Time & Chaos 7.x

  1. Database file names have all changed. Names are now Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Projects.
  2. Databases have been redesigned and re-indexed and optimized for performance.
  3. Expanded field lengths for group names to 40 characters.
  4. ChaosHost cloud synchronization completely revamped to make it much much quicker!
  5. ChaosHost synchronization now has an option to sync automatically every 15 minutes.
  6. Linked file shortcut capacity expanded to 100.
  7. Any displayed column can now be grouped on.
  8. Tasks now can support multiple linked names.
  9. New month view. It's fast and provides mouse wheel support.
  10. New docking panels on classic screen. Put 'em where you want, close what you don't.
  11. Columns: consistent, movable by dragging, selected with a right click on header.
  12. Quick Find speed improved.
  13. Simplified / fewer program options.
  14. Tree-view grouping on any column.
  15. Plain text notes.
  16. Consistent interface on custom fields (project entry, contact entry).
  17. Incredibly fast sync with folder to replace the old sync with removable media.
  18. Quick lookup on any sorted column.
  19. Mail Merge with MS Word from Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Projects.
  20. Contacts now support photos, and can sync through ChaosHost to/from your phones.
  21. Task Alarms.

How about a screenshot tour to point out some of the changes?

Classic Screen

classicThe classic screen might look similar to old version BUT now has dockable, movable or removable panels!

Want to get rid of a section? Click the X in the right corner to remove it.

Want to rearrange the sections? Drag the title of a section (like All Tasks) and while in motion, you'll see anchors appear on screen to help you drop it and arrange it the way you like it.

Mess it up while playing with the docking panels?  Go to Help and choose Reset Dock Panels to put it back to factory settings.

Contacts Screen

contactsNot hard to notice the Photo section to put a mug shot for any contacts. This works with ChaosHost and mobile phones so any photos you take on your iPhone or Android and add to a contact should sync up and show up in Intellect and Time & Chaos, too.

Look closer and you'll notice a Name column that is auto-generated in display order. New to this version is an option to sort by First Name, in addition to the Last Name and Company name options we have always supported.

Calendar Screen - Week

calendar weekNote the tabs at the bottom where you can toggle between week and month views.

Calendar Screen - Month

calendar monthThe month view has been completely redone and now performs fast even with lots of data. It is also designed to fit to screen so you'll always see the full month.

Agenda Screen

agendaAgenda is the renamed Today view from the old version, to alleviate confusion between this view and clicking the Today button on the calendar to go the current day. (Tech Support is tired of explaining this one over and over ;)

The Agenda page matches whatever appearance them you have selected for the program and a button on the toolbar at the top lets you toggle the world clocks as visible or not.