How to cancel your ChaosHost account and remove your data

We hope you want to continue using services for a long time to sync data between your computer and devices, but all relationships eventually must end. When the time comes to end your relationship with, this is easy to do.

Step 1: Cancelling your account

When you login to your account on and go to the ChaosHost Options page, the top section showing Account Options will show whether your account is an ongoing monthly subscription or whether you prepaid for time at a discounted upfront rate.

Note: you need to be viewing the desktop version of the web site, not the mobile version, to see all the options described below.

I see an expiration date

If you see an expiration date, you don't need to take any further action to cancel the account! It will automatically expire on the date listed.

I see "month-to-month subscription"

The account options section will have a link for Cancel Subscription that you can activate. Using this option will stop the monthly charges billed to your credit card and will change this section to show your new expiration date when your paid time is over.

Step 2: Removing your data from

If you do nothing, your account data and user data will be removed from the ChaosHost servers 180 days after your expiration date.

If you don't want to wait for the user data to be removed automatically, you can go to the ChaosHost Options and look for the section of Administrator Options. There you will find an option to Reset / Wipe Data Files which will remove and of your data from the ChaosHost servers.

If you also want the account data (your login and password) to be removed BEFORE the expiration date for some reason (you closed your business or you retired and are shutting things down), you can contact our sales department to request this.

Can I also remove synced data stored on my phone?

If you setup an account on your phone to sync via your phone's support for Exchange ActiveSync (this puts data in the native apps on your phone), you would need to remove the account from your phone to immediately remove the data belonging to that account from your device.

If you use an app made by Chaos Software you downloaded from your device's app store (Chaos Billing, Chaos Contacts, Chaos Calendar, Chaos Tasks), you can go to the Settings in the app and use the option to remove the user data, then uninstall the app from your device.

Can I also remove synced data stored on my Windows PC?

If you use Legal Billing 10, the user data location is shown on the top title bar after the version number.

If you use Chaos Intellect 10, Time & Chaos 10 or Chaos Free, you can go to Help, Information about My Data, Data Paths to see the user data location.

You could delete the folder and files from that data location, then uninstall the apps from your PC.



This help article applies to ChaosHost, a cloud database service for users of Chaos Intellect, Time & Chaos, and Chaos Free, plus Legal Billing