Add Shortcuts to your Home Screen

NOTE: This option primarily applies to iPhone and other iOS devices!

Even though Chaos Data Live - Mobile Edition is a web application running on our servers, you can add icons to your desktop to use it. These icon shortcuts work just like the ones that come with applications you install.

How do you add these to your Home Screen?

First, go to the section of Chaos Data Live - Mobile Edition you want to make a shortcut to. This could be the first screen on our site that lists all of the sections of our site or you can open a specific section like the Contacts, Appointments or Tasks.

Second, look on the bottom bar of the Safari browser for a button that looks like a rectangle with an arrow coming out of it. (If you haven't upgraded the operating system. look for the "+" button instead.)

You should get an option to "Add to Home Screen". Once the shortcut is on your screen, you can move it around or delete it, just like you do with other apps or shortcuts.

If you made a shortcut to our main screen, you'll get an icon similar to the ones for our PC based programs, Chaos Intellect and Time & Chaos.

If you make a shortcut to a specific area, you'll get icons that look like these:



This help article applies to ChaosHost, a cloud database service for users of Chaos Intellect, Time & Chaos, and Chaos Free