Warning: What you need to know about Custom Fields and Categories!

If or someone on your team synchronizes your ChaosHost databases with Time & Chaos or Chaos Intellect, you need to be aware of a special situation regarding Custom Fields and Categories.

Every time you sync from our Windows-based programs to our Web-based ChaosHost databases, it happily transfers the changed records back and forth from the PC and from the Web.

However, one thing that is not synchronized both ways are the LABELS for your Custom Fields and for your Categories!

This is not a problem if you have simply filled out fields or checked boxes in the categories on a person. The values of these fields and checkboxes are, indeed, passed back and forth with no issue.

BUT, if you CHANGE THE LABELS to add new Custom Fields or Categories than you had before, you MUST make these changes on ChaosHost.com, NOT in Time & Chaos or Chaos Intellect.

Each time you sync your PC, it will bring down the current field definitions from ChaosHost to replace the field definitions on your PC. If you have added a new label to a Category on Time & Chaos and then immediately sync, while you will still have the checkbox checked in the right place, you won't have the label if you forgot to go to ChaosHost and add the label there, too!

Whether you use our standard Web Edition of Chaos Data Live or our Mobile Edition, each have an Options area where you can edit the labels for the Custom Fields and Categories. Make your edits here and when you (and anyone else) sync with this database, the local PC copy will be updated with your new fields so everyone will see what you have done to redefine the labels.

So, one more time, this is important ONLY when you want to change the LABELS on Custom Fields or Categories. As long as you are working fine with the current labels you have already established, you don't have to do anything special at all.

This help article applies to ChaosHost, a cloud database service for users of Chaos Intellect, Time & Chaos, and Chaos Free