Configuring a Nokia phone for Over-The-Air sync with ChaosHost

REQUIREMENTS: In addition to a ChaosHost account, you also need a Nokia E and N series phone with the MFE (Mail for Exchange) application.

Since this service is still in Alpha testing, you also MUST have GOOD BACKUPS of your data.  With this new of a service, we cannot yet predict its reliability or fitness.  Do not use this service yet if you are not comfortable with your "guinea pig" status!

Please plug your phone into a power supply when doing your initial sync! Its not a requirement, but the very first transfer will be sending enough data that most users will notice considerable battery drain.

1. Configure Time Zone Settings

To successfully transfer your appointment data with correct times, you need to select a default Time Zone for your database on  You will also want to set your iPhone to the same time zone to ensure that all the appointment start and end times come to your device as they should.


2. Configure your device

To setup your phone to sync over the air with ChaosHost, follow these steps:

On the "Connection" tab...

On the "Credentials" tab...

On the "Sync Content" tab...

3. Don't forget to also configure the "Sync Schedule"!

Since our service does not send email messages, it does not need to be "Always On" (which would only run down your battery power with its constant checking).


This help article applies to ChaosHost, a cloud database service for users of Chaos Intellect, Time & Chaos, and Chaos Free