How do Phone Numbers match up with Mobile Over-The-Air Phone Sync

The protocols for transferring data to your mobile device offer the ability to have 2 Business numbers, 2 Home numbers, 2 Fax numbers, 2 Cellular (Mobile) numbers, 1 Pager number, 1 Web site URL, and 3 Email addresses.  There can also be 1 Assistant Phone number and 1 Radio Phone number. Some devices also offer 1 Company Main phone number and 3 Instant Message addresses.

Phone Label in Chaos Matching Phone in Mobile
Business BusinessPhoneNumber
Business (2nd Instance) Business2PhoneNumber
Home HomePhoneNumber
Home (2nd Instance) Home2PhoneNumber
Cellular MobilePhoneNumber
Cellular (2nd Instance) CarPhoneNumber
Fax: BusinessFaxNumber
Fax: (2nd Instance) HomeFaxNumber
Pager PagerNumber
mailto: Email1Address
mailto: (2nd Instance) Email2Address
mailto: (3rd Instance) Email3Address
URL: WebPage
Assistant AssistantPhone
Radio RadioPhoneNumber
Main CompanyMainPhone
Yahoo! Messenger: IM2

For records already stored in your Chaos Databases, if you have a number labeled with the phrases listed above in the first column, it will be transferred to the mobile device. As mentioned above, if you have two phone numbers, both labeled "Business", the first one on the list will go to the first Business number on the mobile device, and the second instance of "Business" on the Chaos side will go to the Business2PhoneNumber on the mobile.

The labels listed in the second column are the ones the Over-The-Air sync uses. However, each phone will take these labels and assign them to appropriate fields on your mobile device.  This list should give you a good idea of where phone numbers will go, even if the labels on your mobile device are not exactly the same as the second column above.

Tip: Set your Default Phone Labels on

When records get added to your mobile device and sent Over-The-Air to ChaosHost, the new record in your Chaos Database will follow the conventions you establish by setting your default phone labels on  If there are additional phone numbers filled out on your mobile device that you do not have a default label for, it will be appended to the end of the phone labels you do have.

For example, if your default phone labels only have one mailto:, but a new record from your mobile has two email addresses, a second mailto: label will be appended to the first blank label on this particular contact.

The bottom line if you want all of your contact phone numbers in consistent places (which you should want!) is that you should take a look at how the phone numbers of your existing records are organized and setup your default labels to match up as closely as possible. 

To set your default labels on, login to your database, go to "Options", then to "Update Default Field Labels".  In the section showing your Contact database preferences, look for "Default Phone Labels".

You may also want to set up default labels in Time & Chaos or Chaos Intellect to match, too.  If you open an existing record that has the labels the way you like it, you can move your mouse pointer until it hovers over a phone label on the entry screen, then right click and look for "Set all phone labels as default".

Setting default labels on or in your PC program WILL NOT edit any existing records.  These settings are only used when brand new contacts are added to your database.


This help article applies to ChaosHost, a cloud database service for users of Chaos Intellect, Time & Chaos, and Chaos Free