Configuring RoadSync on Android for Over-The-Air sync with ChaosHost

RoadSync is a popular alternative for using Exchange ActiveSync on Android devices. A trial version is offered so you can setup your device to sync and prove it works with ChaosHost before purchasing it.  Besides working in situations where the default and built-in Exchange client is having problems, RoadSync also includes the ability to sync Tasks with ChaosHost, a feature not found on most Android devices.

REQUIREMENTS: You must have a account (obviously).  You also need to install the RoadSync program from the Android marketplace.  (You do not need the paid key until later, after you have followed these instructions and proved that it works for you and your device.)

While not a requirement, it is also a VERY good idea to have a backup of your data files. Our Time & Chaos and Chaos Intellect programs offer this as a choice on the File menu. You should make a backup now if you have never done so, and making regular backups of your data is recommended!

This new account you will be creating on your Android will NOT impact other accounts you have already made to send and receive email. This new account for ChaosHost will only not be transferring any email, as ChaosHost does not track your email in the first place!

Please plug your phone into a power supply when doing your initial sync! It is only a suggestion, but the very first transfer will be sending enough data that most users will notice considerable battery drain.

1. Configure Time Zone Settings

To successfully transfer your appointment data with correct times, you need to select a default Time Zone for your database on  You will also want choose the same time zone you use on your device to ensure that all the appointment start and end times come to your device as they should.  WARNING:  If you change the time zone on your device, it will change all of the start and end times on your appointments!  If you want the start times and end times to continue to match what you see on and in Time & Chaos/Chaos Intellect, the time zone on your phone must match!

2. Run and configure the RoadSync program

A few notes about RoadSync

RoadSync will place the Contacts in the normal contact application on your phone.  However, the Calendar data and Tasks data are stored in the RoadSync program itself. The downside of this location for the calendar data is that you won't find the calendar data from ChaosHost in the normal Android calendar application, nor will you be able to use it with alternative calendar programs that use the normal calendar database. You will only get to use RoadSync's own interface to work with your appointment schedule.


This help article applies to ChaosHost, a cloud database service for users of Chaos Intellect, Time & Chaos, and Chaos Free