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When our original Time & Chaos product first appeared as try before you buy software back in 1992, it struck a chord among harried business professionals. It has been called one of the best-kept secrets of the software industry by over a million people who have purchased it. From the introduction of this product forward, we have continued to update and improve the software to respond to the needs of today's users. with Chaos Data Live can be your individual competitive edge because it is built from the ground up on accepted standard practices of time management. Real busy business professionals designed it for the real world.

Many of our customers have found that our Time & Chaos and Intellect products are each much more than a software product. Rather, it is a process that can potentially take our lives from chaos into order. Initially, you may only use the most obvious features, but over time, as your organizational requirements expand, you will discover a wealth of additional features and capabilities that are waiting for you when you are ready for them. This manual is a helpful guide to taking full advantage of the software you now own.

After applying these principles to your own life, you will be more productive, less prone to the effects of stress, and you will have a better balance between your business and personal life.

We have managed to keep ahead of our competition only by listening carefully to our customers and responding quickly to their needs. Our developers are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and improvements for our next update. We always welcome your comments, your feedback, and your suggestions!

Please accept my personal best wishes for making your time usage more productive and more rewarding. We appreciate your support and thank you for your patronage.

Michael R. Whittingham
President and CEO
Chaos Software Group, Inc.



This help article applies to ChaosHost, a cloud database service for users of Chaos Intellect, Time & Chaos, and Chaos Free