How Do I Add a Custom Field for Special Information that I Want to Keep?

People use Intellect in many different occupations and fields. Since everyone has different needs, uses, and requirements, Intellect provides the flexibility to define some of your own fields to track whatever extra data you want to keep track of.

custom fieldsThe Custom Fields section contains 20 user-definable fields. These fields allow you to personalize Intellect to your specific needs. Perhaps you want to track customer numbers or their birthdays or the names of their spouses. If so, you can define one of these custom fields to store this type of information. If you put your cursor in the label area to the left of the actual custom field, you can type a new label for that field. This will set it globally, so any labels on this record will also appear on all of your other entries in the Contact List.

Custom Fields can be what YOU want them to be.

hotIf you custom field label contains certain " key words" then the field takes on special behavior. If the field label does not include one of these keywords then the person entering the data can type anything they want in as values.


This help article applies to Intellect 3