Contact List Fundamentals

contact screen

  1. Quick Sort - Clicking on either column heading will sort alphabetically by that column. The keyboard key F9 is another method of changing the sort order. When sorted by Company the columns will reverse themselves providing a secondary sort on Last Name.
  2. Type to Find - As you start typing in this field, it will attempt to match the text that you type in the currently sorted column.
  3. Hyperlinks - These "Telephone Labels" all have special actions associated with them.
    Notice that SOME OF THE LABELS end with a colon character for example, URL:
    Clicking on a Hyperlink Label without a colon will activate the phone dialer within Windows and dial the phone, items with a colon provide 1 click access to special services. So the phone number fields are not only for telephone numbers they can contain a web address, email address and much much more (see also) autodial the phone number
  4. Notes and Custom Fields - Intellect has both a Notes area and 20 custom fields for you to use and this area of the contact screen can toggle between displaying either of these. As you can tell from the name Custom Fields are designed for you to adapt to your own needs. In your business, you might require a field to store a customer number, a social security number or a birth date. add a custom field for special info

TIP: Often you have a need to paste an address or a phone number into another application - a single click with your left mouse button on the either the address block (above the phone numbers) or directly on one of the telephone numbers will immediate copy the data onto the windows clipboard so that you can paste it into other applications.


This help article applies to Intellect 3