Using Linked Contacts for Contacts

When you have a relationship between a few people, it can be convenient to link them to each other so you can jump to related people when you need to. Linked Contacts for Contacts is also not as formal as using Groups and Categories.

When you open the details for a Contact, the last tab at the top is for Linked Contacts:

linked contacts 

When you go to this tab, it starts with a list of who is already linked with this contact. If no one is linked yet, this list will be blank! Notice that the "Show Only Linked" button on the toolbar is selected.

What can you do with Linked Contacts?

First, you can use this list to jump to other related people. If you double-click on the name of a Linked Contact, a second Contact Detail screen will open up to show you all about this related person.

Second, there is a button on the toolbar of this window for Custom Contact List which transfers this list of names back to the main Contacts list back on the main screen. You can work with this Custom list of names as if it were a predefined group of names, then you can go to Groups and All to return back to your complete list when you have finished with the custom list.

How do you add more Linked Contacts for this Contact?

To add links to other individuals, click on the "Show All" button to see your complete list of contacts. You can check boxes for anyone else you wish to link with the contact you are working on. Notice that there are also buttons for the number of columns, to help arrange this full list of contacts in a way that best fits your screen.

How to you remove a contact from the list of Linked Contacts?

Notice that even on the "Show Only Linked", each of the Contacts has a checkbox next to their name. Removing the link between two people is simply a matter of unchecking the box!


This help article applies to Intellect 3