How Do I Print Mailing Labels?

Printing Mailing Labels is a breeze with Intellect. Support for Mailing Labels is also built into Intellect. Supported are the most popular Avery© Label sizes for standard printers. Within the full Contacts view or within the Contact area of the Classic view, click the Print button on the toolbar at the top of that section. From this Print button, you can then select Mailing Labels and choose either Primary or Secondary addresses.

By default this will print one mailing label for each contact currently displayed in the contact list. If you only wish to print mailing labels for a few of your contacts, you can simply highlight multiple contacts with your Ctrl Key + Left Mouse Click in the contacts list prior to selecting Print.

Intellect support most of the popular mailing label sizes. From the Print Preview Screen you can select the Setup button where you will find options to change the mailing label style.


This help article applies to Intellect 3