How Do I Add my First Contact?

In the Contact List module click the toolbar button for NEW CONTACT. This will bring up a new contact dialog for you to enter information.

contact entry screen

Fill-in the Last Name, First Name and Company (if appropriate) of someone you know.

Provide as many (or as few) phone numbers as you feel are appropriate.

Click the OK button at the bottom. This dialog will close and you new contact will be displayed on the main screen Contact List.

Once a contact is displayed in the contact list of the main screen you can double click on it anytime to return to this new contact dialog screen to view and edit.

A couple of tips on entering data ....

Typical Prefix fields:  Mr. Ms. Miss Dr.
Typical Suffix fields:  Jr. Sr. III, DDS

Group .... Friends, Relatives, Vendors, Customers

the Phone Numbers ...


This help article applies to Intellect 3