Introducing Intellect

Intellect is a powerful combination of a software program known as a Personal Information Manager or Contact Manager AND an Email Client to store, read and write email messages.

As a time management tool, it can help you maintain a phone book with every phone number or email address you need, can keep a schedule of all your appointments and can give you a prioritized task list where things will continue to display day after day until you complete them.

As an email client, it lets you use any email provider with POP, IMAP and SMTP access (these are the basic Internet standards that almost every email provider supports). It sends and receives email, while automatically building links back to your contacts.

Intellect is the perfect tool to help you get organized, to manage your time and be more successful. It's easy to get started with, but you'll find there are many powerful features available when you need them. What are some of the things that make Intellect unique?

Intellect is a program that stands out as different from other computer software. It is packed with power, yet also easy to work with. The rest of this user's guide will provide you a wealth of information about the full feature set provided in Intellect. With everything it is capable of, Intellect is one of the most powerful personal productivity tools you can find. We trust it will help you manage your time and organize your chaos!


This help article applies to Intellect 3