Moving Contacts Between Groups

Of course, we can easily change the group that a contact is in by simply editing the text in the group field however, what if you want to move a hundred or a thousand contacts from one group to another. Well, as typical, there are multiple ways to do this.

  1. The hard way ... A Search and Replace on the Group Field within the Reports Module.
  2. The easy way ... by Cut and Paste. From the main screen contact list, highlight all of the contacts that you wish to move to a different group (Ctrl + Click or Shift + Click). Once highlighted right click on the contact list and select "CUT" from the pop-up menu. Now switch to your new group with a filter (Click on the GROUPS DROPDOWN LIST on the toolbar). Once in your new group list, right-click and select "PASTE" from the pop-up menu.

Tip:   Paste will always paste into the current contact list filtered group. By-the-way .... it will work for categories as well.


This help article applies to Intellect 3