Checking for Mail

With Intellect there are several options for checking for new mail.

At a predetermined interval.

I set mine for every 5 minutes so that it will automatically check for any new mail and deliver any Queued Messages for each Active Account. This interval is set on the Options under the Tools Menu.

By clicking the Check Button on the main program toolbar

This does it all. One click will check for any new mail and deliver any Queued Messages for each Active Account.

By clicking an individual account listed under the Check Button.

This is the quickest method to check only a single account for new mail. What's really cool is that you can set an individual account to inactive so that it is not automatically checked at every interval as above yet you can click it here to check manually whenever you want. Let me give you a real example. Although we have our company e-mail systems that I check for mail every 5 minutes ... I also purchased one of the "value" web hosting sites for my own personal use (I post family pictures and stuff for relatives here). Well, it's certainly inexpensive at $99.00 per year but it is also the slowest darn e-mail servers in the country. It 'usually' works if you know what I mean. Anyway, I set this account to inactive and about 1 time per day I will check the account manually. We get what we pay for.

Examining the Server Headers

You will notice there is a tree node in the Mailbox for Server Headers, under which will be listed each of your e-mail accounts. We do this so you can see what messages exist directly on the server prior to downloading them. To preview a message just left click on the message as you would for any regular email. It will download and preview the message. Should you wish to eliminate a message Ctrl + Left Click with your mouse on the message and select Delete . To download a copy of the message to your normal inbox without deleting it from the server select the toolbar button to Copy to Local Inbox.

Use these server header options to proactively delete known viruses or spam. They are also very useful to view mail from multiple personal computers.


This help article applies to Intellect 3