Creating an email message series

Intellect allows you to setup a series of mailings to be sent to a client automatically scheduled at a predefined interval! This feature takes full advantage of the Scheduled Send feature and allows you to create a series of emails that you can merge and deliver to a contact over a scheduled time-frame.

This is perfect for a series of messages you might send to a new prospect or a new customer after you have added them to your contact list!

To create an email activity series, you will need to have already created the outgoing message templates and stored them in the Drafts folder.  When ready, go to Tools and then to Activity Series Editor. If you choose E-mail Series, you can create a timeline for certain messages from your Drafts folder to be sent by clicking Add, picking an message and choosing how many days into your timeline should this message be sent.

To use an email activity series, highlight one or more names in your contacts area, then go to File, New Item, New Email Series.  You'll get to pick which email series to deliver to these contacts and Intellect will do all the merges, then will automatically use the Scheduled Send to line up these new messages to go out at the appropriate times.


This help article applies to Intellect 3