Creating a New Message

On the toolbar, click the Create New Mail or Select the Drop Down Arrow to Select HTML Message Creation.

In the To or Cc boxes, type the e-mail name of each recipient, separating names with a comma or a semicolon.

To add e-mail names from the Address Book, click the button labeled To, CC, and BCC, select names, then click To (or CC or BCC) again.

The differences of a To, CC and a BCC

If you send a message To 3 recipients, then each recipient will see the all 3 of their names in the message To field. In most e-mail software programs if any one of the 3 recipients reply to your message you and the other 2 recipients will get the reply by default. This is often very irritating to others.

If you send a message To only 1 recipient, and CC the others two recipients. Everyone will be able to see each others name but if any recipient replies to your message then it will only be sent to you by default. CC is an acronym for a carbon copy or a courtesy copy.

If you send a message To only 1 recipient, and BCC the others the BCC recipients will be invisible to both the To recipient as well as the other BCC recipients. A reply by a recipient will only be sent to you. BCC is an acronym for a blind carbon copy or a blind courtesy copy.

In the Subject box, type a message title.

Type your message.

As you type your message any spelling mistakes will be automatically underlined with a little red squiggly line. Right click with your mouse on the misspelled word to see, and select the correct spelling.

Click the Send Now Button. This will attempt an immediate log on to your SMTP server to upload the message for delivery.

Upon successful delivery of your message to the SMTP server, a copy of your message will be placed in Sent Items Folder. In the event that a connection to your server is immediately impossible, your message will automatically be saved to your Queued Message Folder. Messages in the Outbox Folder will routinely be delivered the next time Intellect checks for new mail.

That's all there is to it. There are however some interesting options that you may wish to use from time to time.

Other Options . . .

If you have multiple e-mail accounts set up and you want to use one other than your default account, click in the Account box, and then click the e-mail account you want to use to send the outgoing message.

To save a draft of your message to work on later, on the File menu, click Save. The message will be placed into your Drafts Folder so that you can work on it further at a later time.

Use receipts when you would like a confirmation that your message was received or opened by the recipient. For example, Sam wants to send an important message to Tina. Sam activates a receipt to provide assurance that the message reached Tina. Sam will receive a message confirming that the message was successfully delivered or opened. Not getting the receipt indicates that the recipient's server or mail client program does not support receipts or that the message was lost.


This help article applies to Intellect 3