Organizing Mail Messages

When new mail comes into Chaos Intellect, it is normally added to your Inbox. That's perfect for reading your incoming mail, but it can quickly get out of hand if you save lots of messages and just keep them in your Inbox forever without organizing them. Chaos Intellect makes is very easy to organize your e-mail so you can find messages you held on to easier and so your Inbox is just that - messages that just came in!

Just like Windows uses the idea of a filing cabinet with file folders to keep your documents, !ntellect will let you quickly create folders under the Saved Messages area to help you organize the messages you wish to keep long-term.

If you look at the directory tree in the upper left of Intellect, the Saved Messages folder should appear near the bottom. Point to this folder with your mouse then press your RIGHT mouse button (the one you don't use very often) to have a menu of choices appear. From this menu, you can choose to make a New Folder and name it whatever will be meaningful to you.

After creating a folder under Saved Messages, you can simply drag anything you read in your Inbox and drop it on the folder. The list of folders is always available in Intellect by looking the directory tree at the top left. Once you drop it on a folder, we'll move the file there for permanent storage.

Quick Tip: When you see a directory tree in programs like Chaos Intellect, some folders will have a box with a + next to it. This tells you there are other folders inside of this one. If you click on the plus sign with your left mouse button, the directory tree will expand to show you all of the folders that live there!


This help article applies to Intellect 3